CNC Milling / Automatic Lathe

CNC Milling

We use a Hyundai WIA F500 3 axle CNC mill. Our vertical machining center uses a high-precision spindle with heavy duty cutting power producing minimal heat distortion, allowing the machines to achieve high accuracy, high rigidity and high precision.

Our milling machine:

  • Hyundai WIA F500
  • Mazak VTC-800/30SR
  • Mazak VCN-530C
  • Mazak VCN-430A
  • Mazak VCN-350C
  • Mazak 200 INTERGREX Multi

CNC Lathe

The HYUNDAI WIA L210 Turning Center is designed for high-speed, high accuracy turning of small diameter high precision parts.

Our lathe machines:

  • Hyundai WIA L210LMSA
  • NLX 2500l
  • Mazak 250MY Quick Turn
  • Mazak 200 INTERGREX Multi

Mazak VTC-800/30SR

5-axis vertical machining center with 110B-axis swivel head allows machining of any angle including vertical, horizontal and slanted surfaces. The fixed table design of the VTC enables the working area to be configured into a wide range of flexible configurations. With X-axis range up to 3000 mm and Y-axis range of up to 800 mm large work pieces can be accommodated efficiently.
The B-axis swivel head integrated into the SR range can be positioned at 5 degree increments for heavy cutting when it is rigidly clamped via a multi-tooth Hirth coupling.

  • Table size: 3500 x 820 mm
    Table load capacity: 2500 kg ( 5500 lb )
  • Travel:
    X-axis: 3000 mm
    Y-axis: 800 mm
    Z-axis: 720 mm
    B-axis: 110
    C-axis: 360
  • Spindle:
    Max spindle speed: 18000 rpm
    Max torque: 114 Nm

Mazak VNC-530C / VNC-430A

Highest productivity in this class of vertical machining centers. Reduced cycle times thanks to high speed feedrate, acceleration/deceleration and tool change. Unique Mazak heat compensation system - INTELLIGENT THERMAL SHIELD.
Excellent accessibility due to two front doors providing wide opening - large windows.
Durable linear roller guides on all axes ensure stable machining.

  • Feedrate: 42m/min
  • Spindle speed: 12000 rpm
  • Chip to chip: 2.8 seconds