Trestad Laser AB.

Trestad Laser, previously Trestad Welding, were founded in 1972 by its present owner. From 1997, Trestad Laser worked as a subsidiary to Trestad Welding till April 1999, when it become an independent company.Today, Trestad Laser has a volume of sales of over 100 MSEK (about <15MUSD) and has more than 60 employees.

Trestad Laser's production has, since its beginning, developed from doing only laser cutting, bending, and simpler welding, till today, when its operation additionally includes both advanced laser welding and laser cutting in 3D, as well as advanced press processing and fully automated welding. Trestad Laser Ltd. has also honed its quality- and environmental work and is today certified both 9001:2000, EN3834-2 (welding) and ISO 14001:2004.