Quality assurance 

Continuous improvements of both systems and processes are essential in order to secure high quality and good relationships with customers and suppliers over time. Our goal is to be our customers’ number-one partner and to be a partner that always maintains high quality thrugh the whole business process. 

Our firm next door, Dekra, is a good partner and they assist us with quality related matters. At the time being, we are certified by ISO 9001:2000 and weld-certified by ISO 3834-2:2005 as well as certified by ISO 14001:2004 (regarding environment standards),



– Operation policy – 

             For quality, ecology and work environment


Trestad Laser’s operation shall always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations and we shall in all cases fulfill all the obligations stated by law, contracts and by industry policies.


Trestad Laser’s employees shall work together to achieve a better working environment. With good communication, continuous education and good cooperation, we create a working place that only performs top-of-the-line quality and products and that is an enjoyable place to work. Every individual co-worker feels his or hers responsibility for quality- and environmental assurance.


By continuously working with encouragement and improvements of processes, Trestad Laser has an active quality management in order to ensure a high-quality work within the whole firm.
With the guidance of quality- and environmental management systems, Trestad Laser shall secure a high total quality and prevent pollution. We shall concurrently secure our own competitiveness on the market and assist our customers to reach their success.


Trollhättan 2010-02-15


Patrick Andersson, CEO, Trestad Laser Ltd.








 Quality and long-term thinking are our policy when entering a new project.